White Day Gifts

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March 14th, which means it is “White Day in Japan. Along with Valentine’s Day, White Day is a special day for many people. As I wrote in my article the other day, Valentine’s Day in Japan is the day when many women give chocolates to men, including someone very special, casual friends or co-workers. White Day is basically the day when guys return their gifts back to women from whom they received chocolates or any gifts. I am glad that there is a day called, White Day for women to get the gifts back. Otherwise, it won’t be fair to women! Right? Believe it or not, White Day has been celebrated in Japan since 1978, and yes, it was started by the confectionery company back then, promoting men to buy their marshmallows as the return gift for Valentine’s Day. These days, there are many sweets available for men to purchase for White Day. However, as I was reading more about the White Day, I was surprised to find out that some of the major sweets has its own meanings as a gift.